About us

We build FinTech services and products for a new generation different from traditional banks and brokerage houses.

History and future

We want to be the first FinTech company in the Czech Republic and Central Europe, which will provide investment banking services and related financial products.

  • 2014

    Company establishment

    We decided to create a new financial group, which will instead of traditional bank branches and rigid banking services offer smart algorithms and a new generation of FinTech services.

  • 2015


    We assembled a team of experienced corporate finance professionals who provide advice in the field of mergers and acquisitions, share issues or bonds and restructuring of companies. We introduced our first FinTech RoklenFx product that enables online foreign currency exchange and international payments.

  • 2016


    We introduced another FinTech product – investment-crowdfunding platform Fundlift that efficiently connects investors and promising growth projects.

  • 2017

    Company development

    By the end of 2017 the volume of currency exchanges via RoklenFx exceeded CZK 10 billion. The number of registered users on Fundlift amounted to 7,000 and 26 projects gained funding through Fundlift in total volume of 150 million CZK.

  • 2019

    Products stabilization

    The total volume of exchanges with RoklenFx exceeded CZK 30 billion. The volume of investments through Fundlift exceeded CZK 350 million.

  • 2020

    Record growth

    RoklenFx achieved year-to-year exchanges growth of more than 41%. Roklen Corporate Finance reports a record number of ongoing transactions, six of which have been successfully completed.

Team of professionals

We are a team of experienced professionals who will
expertly lead you through the world of finance.

  • Oldřich Pavlovský

    Managing Director

    Má na starost strategii a chod celé skupiny Roklen. Koordinuje zaměstnance, IT projekty a vývoj nových produktů a služeb.

  • Jakub Burda

    Managing Director

    Motor týmu Roklen Corporate Finance s 10ti letou praxí v investičním bankovnictví. Jakub je odpovědný za řízení, rozvoj a realizaci poradenských projektů v Roklenu.

  • Jan Mach

    Managing Director

    Je odpovědný za vedení zlínské pobočky. V rámci Roklen Corporate Finance se zaměřuje na speciální operace s cennými papíry, kde uplatňuje 22leté zkušenosti.

  • Jaroslav Motyčka

    Managing Director

    V Roklenu je odpovědný za oblast financí, účetnictví, podílí se na tvorbě strategie a corporate governance.

  • Petr Kubíček

    Head of Sales

    He drives sales, clients relations and marketing in Roklen.

  • Petr Kmoníček


    His role is to work on important Roklen Corporate Finance deals.



We can help anyone who wants to make responsible decisions about their finances.

Client's safety

We operate under the regulatory supervision of The Czech National Bank. Our audit is performed by Deloitte.


We offer the latest applications, processes and products in the FinTech sector.

All products

What is unique about us?

  • Revolutionary technology

    We save our clients time and money by using modern technology

  • Unique products

    We offer FinTech services and products different from conventional banks and securities dealers.

  • Comprehensive range

    With a broad portfolio of interrelated products, we are able to offer a comprehensive range of financial services to companies, businessmen and private investors.

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