How does it work

Exchanging money online is easier than ever before

Exchange simply in three steps


Enter the amount and get your exchange rate

Available exchange rate will show up instantly after you specify the amount and currency which you want to exchange. You can either choose to exchange your funds online through our app or you can call our brokers to do the whole process over a phone. Once you accept the offered exchange rate, confirmations will be sent to you by email.


Choose where you want to send the converted funds

Either choose to send the money back to your account or anywhere else around the world. It is extremely simple but in case you are having any trouble, do not hesitate to call the brokers to help you out!


Transfer the money to our account

In case you don't have the funds ready in your RoklenFx account, send them after you make the exchange. Note that the funds need to be credited to your RoklenFx account no longer than on the next business day.

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For businesses!

We know that doing business could be a difficult task to do. Therefore, we try to make it easier for you by lowering your currency exchange fees. And that's not all! So what can we offer you that our competitors can't?

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We are here to help you!

Are you having any trouble with the registration process? Are you unable to add a recipient or to make a payment? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Examples of customer exchange via RoklenFx

Mr. Novák regularly invoicing in EUR for his IT services provided in the development of customer websites. He therefore needs to exchange EUR 10 000 a month into CZK.



The customer submits the currency exchange in the online environment 10 000 EUR into CZK. He immediately see his exchange rate to sell EUR for 25,50 CZK, which he can compare with the bank’s offer (the bank will offer him a rate 25,00). Then easily make an exchange in RoklenFx with two clicks.

They will immediately receive an email confirmation of the realized exchange 10 000 EUR at the agreed rate.


After the exchange, Mr. Novák transfers EUR to Roklen an order to receive the exchanged amount in CZK back to his bank account in the Czech bank or money can be send to his list of beneficiaries in CZK.


MR. Novák sends 10 000 EUR to Roklen bank account in same bank as he has. Payment is instantly credited to Roklen. Roklen send payment of 255 000 CZK to client´s bank account and all steps of the exchange are realized.


The client saved 5 000 CZK on a single exchange due to a more favorable exchange rate.