What RoklenFx offers?

Who can use RoklenFx services?

RoklenFx is aiming at small and medium businesses, corporations or even at private clients. Our services are for those who are looking for good exchange rate and need to convert more than 1 000 EUR.

What do I need to do to start using RoklenFx services?

In order to use RoklenFx services it is necessary to sign a contract. For further steps please see bellow:


  1. register and fill in personal data
  2. upload photos of your two IDs and informartion about your bank account
  3. send an identification payment from your bank account
  4. confirm that you agree with contractual documents


  1. register and fill in data about the company
  2. identify persons authorized to act on behalf of the company
  3. sign a contract with assistance of our staff

Sign up here or call (+420) 236 071 600

Which currencies can be traded via RoklenFx?

You can sell all currencies listed in RoklenFx bank accounts and buy more than 30 currencies worldwide (all European and major Asian or American currencies). Please check our list of supported currencies.

Do you also offer a protection against exchange rate movements?

Yes. RoklenFx offers an exchange rate risk hedging services too via Foreign exchange derivatives (Forward, SWAP) for transactions exceeding 50 000 EUR.

A Currency Forward allows you to secure an exchange rate for a specific day in the future. It is commonly used for exchange rate risk reduction. For more information click here.

How does the currency exchange work?

The currency exchange process guide is available under this link.
Web guide PDF

Transparency, exchange rates and fees

How come that your services are so cheap?

Unlike the big banks and corporates, we are a dynamic company that believes in FinTech. Usage of a wide variety of technologies enables us to minimize our costs which allows you to minimize yours as well. We have a direct access to an interbank foreign exchange market, which is the reason we offer you the best rates. The only cost you are paying on top of the interbank rate is our tiny margin which starts at 0,08%. Besides great exchange rates, we offer cheap international payments. This is possible due to our partnership with the biggest British FinTech company CurrencyCloud. We are absolutely transparent so when we say we do not have any hidden fees, we mean it.

What is the interbank "mid" rate?

The rates we display on our website are “mid” rates. A mid rate is an average of a bid and ask rate. Those are the rates at which a broker is willing to buy a currency from you or sell it to you at the moment. A bid rate is lower than a mid rate and the ask rate also called offer rate is higher than the mid rate. This difference between bid and ask rates is called spread.

When is the best time to make a currency exchange?

You can trade by phone through our brokers on weekdays during our business hours . The RoklenFx online platform can be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Exchange rates are constantly changing, for some currency pairs even several times per second. The difference between the best buying rate and the selling rate is changing just as fast. When the market is most liquid, this difference (sometimes referred to as the spread) is very small, on the contrary, on weekends, holidays or outside business hours, the spreads might widen significantly. We therefore recommend making an exchange at a time of high liquidity (high volumes) in the markets.

For example, the currency pair EUR/CZK (euro versus koruna) is most traded on weekdays between 8:30 and 17:00. Outside theses hours, liquidity of CZK drops considerably, so the exchange rates regarding this currency pair may not be as favorable. The EUR/USD currency pair (euro versus US dollar) is in itself significantly more liquid than EUR/CZK. The EUR/USD is the most liquid currency pair in the FX market, therefore it is being traded almost continuously throughout the day in all time zones from Asia, through Europe to the Americas.

What is Roklen's exchange rate margin?

The exchange rate margin is the difference between the best exchange rate available on the interbank foreign exchange market (between the best bid rate or the ask rate) and the exchange rate that we offer you. Roklen’s exchange rate margin depends on the volume of the exchange and reaches a maximum of tenths of a percent. Unlike traditional banks or exchange offices, where the exchange rate margin can climb up to 5.00%.

Do you charge fees for domestic and international payments?

Most domestic and foreign payments are free, but some may be a subject to a fee. You can find a detailed RoklenFx price list here .

When sending a foreign payment to Roklen, we recommend choosing ING banks accounts as a beneficiary since foreign incoming payments are not a subject to a fee in this case.

In the case of international payments, a fee may be charged by so-called correspondent banks. This fee is deducted from the total amount sent. RoklenFx cannot affect this fee and is not its income.

How much do I pay to open an account with RoklenFx?

Registration, maintenance and cancellation of a multi-currency account is completely free. You have no obligation to trade with RoklenFx after you open an account. You can execute the trade whenever you want.

How I can process currency exchange and payment?

How does the process of currency exchange work?

Telephone trading:
First you confirm the exchange rate and other parameters of the exchange with our broker, then you will receive a “Trade confirmation”. By the next day at the latest, you must transfer the amount to be exchanged to your multi-currency account at Roklen (list of accounts here) . Eventually, the exchange will take place and we will send the exchanged funds to the account specified by you. You can also keep the exchanged amount in your Roklen multi-currency account.

Online trading:
You can easily make an exchange and a desired payment in three steps. Same as when making an exchange over the telephone, you first enter the parameters of the trade, then confirm the offered exchange rate, select the recipient and finally transfer the amount to be exchanged in a correspinding currency.

Until when do I have to transfer funds to my multi-currency account with Roklen for the purpose of exchange?

No later than on the second day after the transaction. The sooner you transfer the funds, the faster we will be able to complete the entire transaction. The list of accounts where you can send your funds to, is to be found under this link .

How long does it take for a payment following the exchange to be settled?

Domestic payments regarding an exchange made during a weekday between 8:30 am and 4 pm can be settled within 60 minutes. The fastest settlement can be reached by sending and receiving your funds from and to the same banks with whom Roklen has its accounts opened. (list of accounts here) . Please note that exchanges made outside of our business hours can be settled with a slight delay of up to 2-3 business days.

Foreign payment usually takes 2-3 days to be settled, depending on the currency, country and conditions of the beneficiary’s bank.

What if I'm not able to send the necessary funds in time?

If the funds are not credited to Roklen’s account in time, we will notify you and we will have to postpone the settlement of the trade. There are costs associated with this, which you will be charged with. In case that your funds do not arrive even after our notice, your trade may be canceled and you may be charged fees for the cancellation of the trade according to the valid Price List .

Is it possible to cancel an exchange after the transaction has already taken place?

The transaction can be canceled by mutual agreement and payment of related costs. Detailed information can be found in the Price List .

What is the difference between a standard and a priority foreign payment?

This is not a difference in the speed of payment processing, but the difference is in the destination and currency being sent. Detailed list of countries and currencies for standard and priority payments can be found here .

How do I assign new recipients to my account?

You can add new accounts to which you want to send exchanged funds via the online application or in cooperation with our support officers over the phone. These can be both your own accounts and third-party accounts – usually your business partners. You only enter these accounts once, and then you just choose them from the list whenever you want to make a payment their way.

Client´s protection and laws

CNB license

Roklen360 a.s., which operates the RoklenFx service, is a financial institution with a securities trader’s licenses and a payment institution that is controlled by the Czech National Bank and audited by Grant Thornton Audit s.r.o. The company has set up internal control mechanisms in accordance with international standards, which ensure the correct and error-free execution of customer instructions. The internal control environment is, among other things, also subject to CNB inspections. You can check our licenses at any time at CNB .

How is customers' property protected?

The assets of each customer are kept separate from the assets of Roklen and other customers. Customers’ funds are kept in collective customer accounts with large banks, which would not be a subject to bankruptcy in the event of our insolvency. Collective bank accounts on which Roklen manages customers’ assets are insured in accordance with Act No. 21/1992 Coll., On Banks, up to the amount of CZK 100,000. EUR.

How does Roklen protect personal information?

We emphasize careful protection of personal data and in all our steps we proceed in full compliance with applicable legislation (Regulation 2016/679 GDPR, Act No. 110/2009 Coll., On the processing of personal data, and related legislation). You can find the principles of personal data processing activities here .

Why do I have to fill in all the required information?

Like any other financial institution (bank), we fall under the supervision of the CNB and with regard to the regulations of Act No. 219/1995 Coll., The Foreign Exchange Act and Act No. 253/2008 Coll., On Certain Measures against the Legalization of Proceeds from Crime and terrorist financing (the so-called money laundering law) we must not mediate transactions or payments to anonymous users. Therefore, it is necessary to provide the necessary data to verify the identity of the client for the conclusion of the contract and the use of financial services.

Bank accounts and payments

How do I find out which bank to send my funds to?

You can send us the money to client accounts that we have open with a majority of Czech banks. If possible, use the accounts of the same bank as Roklen, then the transfer is usually free and will take place almost immediately. Interbank transfers usually take longer to process and settle unless you use a surcharge.

RoklenFX has accounts opened with Česká spořitelna, ČSOB, Komerční banka, Fio banka, GE Money bank, UniCredit Bank, ING bank. List of RoklenFX bank accounts is to be found here .

Is it possible to send money from an account other than the one listed during registration?

Yes. You can send the funds to your multi-currency account at Roklen from any account. Do not forget to state the assigned Roklen ID as a variable symbol, which will be used to correctly identify your payments.

For businesses!

We know that doing business could be a difficult task to do. Therefore, we try to make it easier for you by lowering your currency exchange fees. And that's not all! So what can we offer you that our competitors can't?

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