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Roklen FX for businesses

Companies with a turnover of over CZK 200 million

Large companies have specific needs, there is no doubt about that. What can RoklenFX offer to satisfy them?

Individual exchange rates and a personal broker

If agreed by both parties, margins can be as low as 0,05%. You can always discuss an individual rate with our brokers.

All transfers and international payments free of charge

We pay for all the fees conected to the payments you make.

Quick transfers and international payments

Thanks to having accounts opened in various banks (ING Bank, UniCredit Bank, Fio banka, Komerční banka, MONETA Money Bank, ČSOB, Česká spořitelna) the settlement process is extremely fast. To make sure the international payments are processed as fast as possible, we cooperate with some of the leading FinTech firms and international banks.

Limit orders

In case you are too busy to be monitoring the exchange rates, you can set a limit order to make a currcency exchange at a desired price level. We can either complete the transaction once the rate is available or we can contact you to confirm your previous intentions on making the exchange.

Import of collective payments

Import an excel file consisting of multiple payments information for easier and faster settlement.

Hedging exchange rate risk with currency forwards

Do you need to lock-in an exchange rate to hedge risks connected to your future cashflows? We provide currency forwards for up to 12 months with very favorable terms. Click here for more information.

Private consultations with our analysts

In case you will be exchanging an extraordinary amount and you are having trouble with the right timing, you can agree on a call with our analysts who will provide you with an in depth market analysis.

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There are no obligations such as minimum monthly amounts to be exchanged etc. We are not a bank, we beat the banks!

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